Wednesday’s “What We Ate August 26- September 1, 2013″

Welcome to this week’s addition of “What We Ate!” I use this post to share what’s going on in our lives & of course what we’ve eaten for dinner each night. Every Sunday I plan what meals we will eat for the week, but sometimes life happens & things get switched around, so I like the idea of sharing what we’ve actually eaten. For example, we ate a lot of chicken this week because I recently bought a whole organic chicken from a local farmer. It was a 5 pound bird & I wasn’t so sure how many meals that would give us, so I had to add a few more chicken meals to our week. What a pleasant surprise! It was quite delicious & I will definitely be getting more birds from that farmer again.


In other exciting news, I recently joined a group of other lady bloggers who are looking to get a bit healthier & shed some weight. Starting today, we will be posting on Wednesdays (“Weight Loss Wednesdays”) & sharing a bit of our stories, struggles, & insights as to how it’s all going (I’ll be easily incorporating that into what I’ve already been sharing each week & will be more intentional with planning healthy meals).

For the most part, we will all be blogging about the same things in every post. This week, we are all writing about our weight loss goals & plans for how that’s going to happen. If you guys know anything about me, you know I’m totally a goal person (check out by recent blog goals here). I’m definitely NOT going to be focused solely on numbers (as in BMI or how many pounds I weigh), but instead on how I feel & how well my clothes are fitting. It will be a little bit harder to measure, & I will still weigh myself from time to time, but that’s not going to be my only method of tracking my goals.

Ultimately, my goal is to feel more comfortable. After Ruby was born, I lost all of the “baby weight” within 6 months, plus 10 pounds & I felt a-mazing. I did that partly because of all the extra calories I burned by breast feeding, but also by walking for about an hour & tracking what I ate every day. It’s crazy how much better I felt even 10 pounds lighter, especially in the summer! But over time, the weight came back on. Winter came. Ruby started entertaining herself a bit more. I got lazy. And now I’d like to get back to that healthy place I was a year ago. I feel like if I lost 10 -15 pounds, I would feel like a whole new woman again!

I plan to lose 10-15 pounds by Christmas (about 1 pound per week) by:

  1. Drinking 100 ounces of water every day
  2. Doing 30 minutes of yoga 5 times a week before Ruby gets up (it totally helps my day start more peacefully)
  3. Exercising 5 times during week (& once on the weekend) for an hour at a time by either walking, hiking, or biking
  4. Logging what I eat/when I exercise with an app called My Fitness Pal
  5. Eating 5 smaller meals a day so that my energy “tank” stays full
  6. Eating 1 square of dark chocolate every day as to not deprive myself!

Already this past week, I’ve been able to accomplish most of these, so I’m off to a good start. The excruciating heat didn’t help, but it just forced me to plan ahead (like talking our walks earlier in the day or later on in the evening). I look forward to the accountability & support from the other bloggers & from you too!

How do you stay healthy? I would especially love to hear if you’ve been able to incorporate a more well-rounded healthy lifestyle over time (as opposed to dieting for a short-term) & have seen improvements. Please leave a comment below!

Next week, we will all be sharing more specifically about our eating plans, so make sure you check back on Wednesday. If you’re interested in reading more about some of the other bloggers’ goals, check out these posts.:

What We Ate Aug 26- Sept1

What We Ate August 26- September 1, 2013

Monday: Green salad with chicken (spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded chicken, sesame seeds & ranch)
Tuesday: Grill-able vegan/veggie burgers with other sides (we were at a BBQ)
Wednesday: Bruschetta (made with all ingredients from our garden!)
Thursday: Chicken, chickpea, & pesto salad with sweet potato fries
Friday: Chicken sandwich wraps with pears
Saturday: Chicken cauliflower alfredo with broccoli
Sunday: Stuffed sole with au gratin potatoes

I also got crazy & processed a bushel (um, 50 cups) of green beans, canned pickles & beets, & froze a huge 100-pound box of peaches. Yeah, we got a new freezer…

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