Wednesday’s “What We Ate September 16-22, 2013”

What We Ate September 16-22, 2013

Welcome to this week’s addition of What We Ate + Weight Loss Wednesday! My path to a more well-rounded health (as opposed to bootie) is under full swing & I’m starting to like the routine that I’ve set for myself. In 4 weeks, I’ve lost 4 1/2 pounds & just feel more alive. I’ve been able to get up every morning (!!!) to enjoy a sesh of yoga & then have a mug of green tea before Ruby gets up. It’s quite the way to wake up slowly for me. And I’ve been killing it in my workouts, too. I’m not a naturally competitive person against myself, but lately I have been challenging & pushing myself to go harder & faster.

Case & point(s): I went for my first “run” last week. I was pushing Ruby in her stroller & was walking quite briskly & it just sort of happened out of nowhere. It’s like my body just had to run. It wasn’t an all-out 5 mile run or anything, but I did run for one block & then walked for the next & continued this throughout the whole 3.5 miles. And I didn’t even die!

John, Ruby, & I went hiking over the weekend & Ruby dropped her sunglasses somewhere on the trail. I volunteered to go back to look for them, running the entire way (maybe like 6 minutes worth of actual running).

Aaaand I’m adding some new juice to my workout routine this week: a bit of strength training. My friend Leah suggested this resource to help me. It’s a short 7-minute routine, so it’s not like I’m adding tons of time into my exercise, which is nice since I’m already working it for 1.5 hours total each day. BTW, have you checked out Weight Loss Wednesday’s pinterest board? There’s some super helpful resources/recipes there!

I know that I need to get a new pair of tennis shoes for walking & these (maybe) random bursts of running. You guys gave me some stellar suggestions for shoes & a heart rate monitor on my Facebook page, but if you didn’t leave a comment there with a suggestion or two, please leave one below!
Avocado English Muffin

Eating-wise, things went very well this week. I was under my calories on every day except for Sunday (only a handful over, even with a donut), so I consider that a win. I try to plan out all of my meals & snacks for the week on Sundays- that way I don’t have to figure out what to eat, see how many calories things are, deprive myself when I go over, etc.

Every morning while I sip my tea after yoga, I enter in what I am going to eat for the day on a handy little app called My Fitness Pal. I have used several others in the past (including Spark People & Lose It), but I like this one the best. They just seem to have so many foods already documented so you don’t need to enter in all of the information yourself. Plus, you can calculate the protein, fat, calories, etc. in any homemade recipes & keep a stockpile of them in your collection. So when I make homemade bread & eat 4 pieces, I know exactly what I’m eating & how much more I should eat for the rest of the day to stay on track. (If you have an account with My Fitness Pal, “friend me!” I’d love more accountability my name is thehaasmachine).

I can also plan ahead so I can “afford” treats or more high calorie meals. Like on Sunday, I ate a lot of food for dinner. But that was after a 75-minute pretty strenuous hike. My Fitness Pal estimates that I burned 535 calories for someone of my size & activity level (this is where it would really be helpful to have a heart rate monitor). I take my calories burned with a grain of salt & not literally, but the calorie intake is pretty black & white.

Do you use any fitness or food trackers? How have they helped you reach your goal? Before checking out what was on our dinner menu this past week, don’t forget to read what the other Weight Loss Wednesday bloggers are sharing:

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What We Ate September 16-22, 2013
Monday: Mac & cheese with turkey hotdogs (yes, this happened, but at least it was organic, right?)
Tuesday: Tuna melts in Roma tomatoes
Wednesday: Salmon salads with crusty bread
Thursday: Crispy quinoa bake with blue corn tortilla chips
Friday: Butternut squash soup with bacon & French cheesy bread
Saturday: Left-over quinoa bake
Sunday: Breakfast! Eggs over easy, bacon, a long john, & chocolate chip hazelnut pancakes using this base recipe (bam! comfort food!)

I also made a batch of crockpot yogurt, sweet potato zucchini muffins (I subbed the sweet potatoes for carrots), whole wheat bread, & some scrumptious chai tea concentrate, which will be on the blog Thursday.

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