Wednesday’s “What We Ate October 7-13, 2013″

What We Ate October 7-13, 2013 // The Haas Machine

Sleep + Weight Loss

Welcome to Wednesday’s What We Ate + Weight Loss Wednesday! It’s already the 7th week of our challenge to be more healthy & I’m so glad that I hopped on board. As of today, I have lost 6 pounds & several inches on my waist, hips, & thighs, & just all-around feel lighter. I am proud of my accomplishments & am glad that I have others cheering along side of me!

This week, we want to focus a bit on sleep, which is a subject I loooove. Sleep is something that is so gosh darn important to me. I apologize if you’ve ever seen me with little sleep because, oooweee, am I the crankiest person you’ve ever met?! I think my body is literally programmed to need more sleep than the average person, so whenever I can, I give into that. When I don’t get enough sleep, not only am I more cranky, but I tend to get more migraines & headaches & just overall feel yucky.

Lack of sleep has been proven to be one of those things that is linked with weight gain. I totally remember in college all the late nights staying up… um, studying… well into the morning. When I stay up later, I tend to not only miss out on the rest my body needs, but I usually also get “hungry” too, so I eat more things that I probably shouldn’t, like nachos or pancakes or cheesy pizza sticks…

Now, I typically go to bed by 10 or 10:30 most evenings & wake up at 7 (so yeah, that’s like 8-9 hours of sleep a night). I have been trying to get better at “powering down” my computer & phone 30 minutes before I want to sleep so that I can enter into dreamland more easily, but that’s a challenge for me. I consider myself to be so blessed to have a daughter & husband who also enjoy sleeping as much as I do, so we all get pretty good sleep.

How often do you sleep each night? Have you noticed a change in your weight loss goals when you sleep more or better? Please comment below & make sure you check out what these bloggers have to say today:

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Paleo Update

Going paleo has been surprisingly easy thus far. I honestly cannot even begin to tell you the difference in my body after going just 75% paleo last week. I have felt fuller longer, & just feel like I have more energy in general (even in spite of being sick with a cold last week). I feel like I don’t want to munch all day long because my body is getting enough healthy proteins to sustain itself & it feels satisfied. I don’t feel bogged down by all the extra carbs & it feels great! I also didn’t realize how much pasta, bread, tortillas, pita, rice, etc. were in our diet, so that’s been a bit of an adjustment but when I’ve immediately been noticing a difference, it’s not as hard to change.

We pretty much stuck to our paleo guns all week (if you are following me in Instagram, you know what I cheated with), but then on Friday & Saturday, I ate a few non-paleo things & then felt, well, awful. I literally couldn’t wait to get home & back to our healthy food eating routines.

I do need to be a bit more intentional about planning snacks & breakfasts though, especially for John. Gone are the days when he could just grab a few pieces of bread with peanut butter or a granola bar (real healthy, right?) I am planning to start making double batches of whatever we are eating for dinner so that he & I can have left-overs for lunch the next day, but I need to think of more things for breakfast for the days when we need something quick. Do you guys have any ideas? Remember, we’re not big fruit eaters!

I’ve gathered a few great resources from our well-stocked local library (Wheat Belly, The Paleo Slow Cooker, Practical Paleo, & Paleo For Beginners), so I’m excited to dig more into those this week.

Here’s a snapshot of what we ate this week. If you’ve gone paleo or low carb, what have you enjoyed eating?

What We Ate October 7-13, 2013
Monday: Homemade tomato soup with a side salad (mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, balsamic viniagrette)
Tuesday: Spaghetti squash & meatballs
Wednesday: Failed BBQ chicken sweet potato skins
Thursday: Salsa verde eggs with bacon & avocados
Friday: We were in MSP before my online blog conference, so we ate Indian food with some friends
Saturday: Still in MSP, we ate a the charming Birchwood cafe
Sunday: Chicken coconut curry soup (pretty much the same as this recipe, but we swapped the tofu for chicken & didn’t serve it with rice)

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