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DIY Face Scrub // The Haas Machine

I’m aaaaaaall about saving a buck or two. I believe in this so much that sometimes it makes me do crazy things, like buy a bushel of green beans for $12. That’s 50 cups of beans, people! John & I have noticed that I really struggle with passing up a good food deal, so much that this has really become an irrational fear of mine (did you join in on this conversation on facebook yesterday?) If there’s some apple cider vinegar or coconut oil or dark chocolate chips on sale? Look out, because it looks like our new weekend project just might be building new shelves for my bomb shelter.

Sometimes these food splurges backfire… like when I bought all of the ingredients to make a massive batch of salsa on a whim because tomatoes were cheap at the farmers market, only to discover that we still needed more tomatoes & canning products mid-way through the project. We were literally up to our elbows in garlic, onions, peppers, & tomatoes (oh, blanching tomatoes) for an entire weekend & had to run to the store several times. And do you think we sampled our salsa before we canned it? Somehow, that idea escaped us, so we didn’t give it a go until everything was canned. And it was awful. I still shudder when I think about it to this day.
DIY Face Scrub // The Haas Machine

Since then, I’d like to say that I’ve toned down my irrational fear of missing a good deal, but that’s not really the case. Lucky for you, this homemade face scrub is not something that was born out of one of my ridiculous buying sprees. Well, maybe it was because I did buy a ton of local honey & coconut oil…. Nevertheless, this is a backfire-proof project that will take you all of 3 minutes. You probably even already have all of the ingredients you need at home!

I’ve been experimenting more & more with making our own self-care products & I’ve been lovin’ it! Besides this face scrub, I’ve made lip balm, body butter, & deodorant (my favorite is definitely the deodorant!) My next projects will involve some infused oil bath tonics & lotion bars, so stay tuned!

I just love that there are so many things that can simultaneously save you money & help you take care of your body naturally. I also enjoy that I can cater them to our family’s needs/likes & that there are no funky ingredients in the products I make. Heck, you could eat this face scrub if you want to, but I don’t necessarily recommend that. Take a few minutes, whip up a batch of this scrub, & give your almost-winter-skin a treat instead! DIY Face Scrub // The Haas Machine

DIY Face Scrub


  • 3 tbsp oil (I used olive for one batch & *coconut for another)
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • *If you use coconut oil, make sure that you melt it first!


Sterilize a small jar by heating it up in boiling water for a few minutes. Put the oil, honey, & sugar into the jar after it's clean & mix it together. Screw a lid on your jar.

To use, apply the scrub to your clean skin in a circular motion & lightly massage. Rinse with water & pat your face dry.

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